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Proactive Consulting, The Key To Successful Business

For more than twenty years Robert A. Ford, CPA has been consulting with business and personal clients establishing relationships that include him as a partner in your financial activities. His proactive approach to tax planning, reduces tax liabilities, keeping more money in your pocket. Tax planning must be tempered with financial planning and the need to maintain financial integrity. Bob’s personal attention to these details lets you concentrate on what you do best.

What Makes You Special to Robert A. Ford?

People don’t care what you know until they know you care. With larger firms, clients are often “farmed out” to inexperienced firm staff who are “supervised” by the client contact. With multi-layers of staff working on a single account, communications and inefficiencies abound. When you work with Bob Ford, you get Bob’s personal attention. As the tax partner for a larger local firm for seven years prior to launching his own consulting practice in 1991, he can give you the experience of complex, innovative, and creative planning.

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